Our objective at Blue Star Nutraceuticals® is to create the most effective supplements in the world and to always share everything we know openly and transparently with every one of our customers.

That’s why we provide scientific whitepapers, written by our Director of Research and Development, for every product we make. These papers are openly available at any time here on our website.

It’s in these papers where you’ll learn how we go from molecular mechanism to clinical outcome, challenging each individual ingredient at every stage with painstaking detail. We really do take our commitment to transparency that seriously.


Quite possibly the most perfect thing about a relentless commitment to proof and product is that it removes all doubt for the end user.

Choosing Blue Star Nutraceuticals® means skipping any other guesswork that often comes with other brands. The scientific side of sports nutrition can, and should be, a complicated, ever-changing, and highly debated field.

However, we believe that the consumer side should be effortless.

Short of physically lifting the weights for you, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to give you research-validated products you’re as proud to use as we are to make.

Discover what makes our brand of products Better By Design® below:

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